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I live in Abilene, TX with my twin boys and husband. I love to make cards and scrapbook and want to learn to sew. I love God and want to serve him every second of my life. I love the fact that I can use cards as a ministry to encourage and brighten others days.

Friday, July 17, 2009

a day off

Well I have today off:) YEAH!!!!!! I was hoping my ez-mount system would be here today so that I can start unmounting my stamps. I hope it comes in the mail today. I ordered them on the 4th of July. Apparently there were some supply issues from the place I ordered. OH well it is not a life or death purchase. I guess since Paul is coming home tomorrow I could always get up and clean. Once I get some people looking at my blog I am going to have a crazy challenge coming up.....Seriously it is going to be insane. I'm sure it has been done before but I wander how many people really try it....... Soon to come the big time stamper want to be first challenge. I am not posting it yet because I am not sure if I am up to it.

I was at Hobby Lobby yest and got some more ribbon. Thank you to the Pink Stamper for inspiring me to use Ribbon on my cards. It really does give them a finished look. I am not a big bow person and really love the just having the ribbon. I looked at the stamps because they were 50% off and was not inspired by any of them. I guess I am going to start shopping on line for stamps. I really like the 2 part stamping sets.

Well I better get back to it. I am going through all my stamps to make sure all my sets are together and have the tittle with them. I think as I unmount the stamps and get them set up in CD cases I am going to number each set and set up a spread sheet with this information on them. That way if I want to sort out the sayings I can quickly look through all the sayings I have and then get it from the numbered set. I didn't realize all the different saying I had until I started going through them. I am also finding that I am missing some stamps. Hopefully they will show up as I am cleaning everything out.

Have a great day:)

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