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I live in Abilene, TX with my twin boys and husband. I love to make cards and scrapbook and want to learn to sew. I love God and want to serve him every second of my life. I love the fact that I can use cards as a ministry to encourage and brighten others days.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Pink Stamper Birthday Challenge!

Hi Everyone!  Hope you are having a great weekend!  I am busy working on Christmas like everyone else.  I have projects going on all around me and am trying to finalize some of my gift giving ideas!  Always so many Ideas and never enough time to put them into action :)  If you having had a chance to see the wonderful Wagon my DH and i made for our nephews check it out here Cricut and Woodworking!  I used my cricut to cut out the letters that I used as a Template for the Blocks.  We are finishing up wagon number two hopefully this weekend for one of our Nephews for Christmas. 2 year olds are sooooo fun!  I hope to have some more projects in the near future that my husband and I do together.  It is so fun to mix our two hobbies.  Also if you haven't join the Peachy Keen Stamp Challenge #43 Please do so.  They are going to give away some copic markers if they have 100 entries so come on and lets break that 100 mark!
Here is my birthday card for the Pink stamper challenge.  I used Hoppy Birthday stamp from My Pink Stamper "Punny-licious stamps!  Don't you just love her stamps.  I hope to one day have them all.  I used several stamps from peachy keen to put the face on this little frog.  I think it turned out pretty good.  I used my stampin up markers and just colored the part of the stamp I wanted to put the smile and each eye on it.
Well my DH is waiting for me to get those letters cut out for the 2nd wagon so I must run!  Have a great weekend everyone!  Hope your Christmas plans are coming along because no matter what time is not standing still and Christmas will be here before we know it!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Peachy Keen Stamps Challenge # 42

Create a card or layout using an EMBOSSING technique
You can either HEAT emboss or DRY emboss {or both if you wanna be fancy} There are no limitations, but if you have Peachy Keen Stamps,
you are encouraged to use them!Peachy Keen Challenge #42
If they have 100 entries then they are going to have a special drawing for some copic pens! So join in the fun and submit a card!
I think I went overboard on this card! I used dry embossing and Heat embossing. It was fun. Hope you enjoy:) 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Peachy Keen Stamps Challenge #41

Peachy Keen Stamps Challeng #41

I am so excited to be doing a challenge!  It has been way too long.  This has been a fun card to make and my first one with my Cricut Expressions that my mom and dad got me on Black Friday!  Yeah Mom and Dad! All we had to do with this one was to make an encouraging card.  I hope you find this encouraging!
Have a great day!

P.S.  If you have a minute please check out my last 2 posts.  One is a wooden wagon we made for my nephew. Hint:  I used my cricut for the letter templates and the other is a shrinky dink project I did with my nieces over Thanksgiving.  Would love to know what you think.

Shrinky Dink Bracelets

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to post a picture of the Shrinky Dink Bracelets my nieces made over Thanksgiving!  We had a lot of fun making these.  I used Peachy Keen stamps for some of the faces.  I also learned something very valuable.  I made a bracelet and did not protect it with something and when I got it wet you guessed it it smeared.  We tried some spray on with these and it didn't work either.  We are going to try a different kind of sealer.  Will let you know if I find something that works.  If you use something please let me know!  I used Doodle charms to cut out all these cute little charms with my Cricut.  It was a little tough getting them to cut out but was well worth the effort.  The more detailed the cut the harder.  I even tried the deep cut blade.  I used the kind of shrinky dink you can print on and put my markers in first to outline and then changed out the blade and mult icut 4 times.  Before I cut I hid all the inside features using DS.  I can't wait to make an Easter bracelet.  Doodle charms has some cute charms for that.  I am also thinking this might be a cute project for the Valentines Banquet we have held for our Widows at our past congregations.  So many possibilities!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wood VS Cricut!

Well I told you in an earlier post that I had found a way to mix my love for the cricut with my husbands love for wood working.  Here is what we came up with.  I cut these letters out first using Winnie the Pooh font.  I cut it out in vinyl and then I put it on the wood and cut out the letters using a scroll saw.  My husband did the rest.  He hand cut the dove tails and cut the wheals out.  He also started with a big block of wood that he cut to make the blocks and used a router that cut out the groves in both sides to add the letters too.  I am very proud of this project that my husband and I did together.  It is the first woodworking project that Paul has done since before he was sick 3 years ago.  I am very glad that I was able to be a part of this.  We presented this wagon to my nephew last week.  He will be 2 in Jan.  He loved it and played with it alot.  We are currently working on another one for another nephew who turned 2 at the beginning of the month.  We are going to give this to him at Christmas. If you want more information on how we made this wagon please leave me a comment on this blog with a way to get a hold of you and I will get you more information.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

What's going on???

Hi everyone!

Sorry I haven't posted anything in the last couple of days.  I am super excited.  I haven't had a chance to work on some of the challenges but I have been working on a special project with my husband that I hope to post in the future.  We are combining my love for paper crafting(using my cricut) and his love for woodworking to make some really cool birthday/Christmas presents.  I am soooooo excited and will be posting more in the new future!  I can't wait for you all to see how creative my husband is.  He was very ill and we almost lost him a couple years ago.  He had to have a tracheotomy and had a trech for 2 1/2 years.  during this time he was not allowed or able to do woodworking.  It is so incredible now to see him well and back working with wood.  Side Note:  If you or someone you know suspects that they may have Sleep Apnea please have a sleep study done.   It is not something to be ignored.  You can die from it and it can cause so many other complications.  So Please Please Please take it from a family that has lived through a nightmare to take care of this and don't just ignore it. Ok I need to get back to our special little project.  I hope to get some challenges completed tonight after dark.  I need the daylight hours to work on our special little project :)

God Bless,


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Peachy Keen Let's Face it Friday's Week #4 Challenge

I made this Snowman ornament for Peachy Keen Let's Face it Friday's Week #4 challenge

It was super easy.  I don't have any of the snowmen faces but I do have some snowmen from Peachy Keen so I just used my markers to highlight the face part of the stamp and added it to this cute snowman. used white ribbon to attach the three circles and the top hat I cut from Everyday Paperdolls.  A few buttons some more ribbon and there you have a cute little Christmas ornament.  This would be a GREAT Project for the kids to make for their Grandparents, Aunts and uncles ext.

Well I am off to make a bunch of cookies for our trunk and treat tomorrow night after church. 

IT'S FALL Y'ALL!!!!!  I love this time of year!

God Bless,

PS, Sorry about the blurry picture.  I had to use my cell phone.  Someone (I'm not going to say who because I was the last one with our camera) lost the camera :(

Friday, October 29, 2010

Creative time with Emma Challenge

Today's challenge was to use Celebrations and make a Christmas card.  Well I don't have Celebrations so I pulled out Doodle Charms and this is what I ended up with.  Happy Holiday's  and the eyes and mouth are both stamped using Peachy Keen stamps and I used my cuddle bug to emboss the snowflakes and Santa's beard.  this cute ribbon I found at Micheal's.   I used Stampin up punches to cut the red and white ovals at the bottom for the words Happy Holiday's.

If you wander why I haven't posted in awhile please read my last couple posts on my blog :)

HO HO HO the Holiday's are upon us!!!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Working hard!

Ok my friends.  Please stick with me while I am under construction.  I am really missing my creating right now.  We are busy this weekend moving things around in the house to get it ready for Fostering.  We have agreed to take up to 4 children so currently have a guest bedroom and my craft room that we are converting into two children bedrooms.  I can't believe all the stuff I am having to go through to downsize in my craft room.  I have so many things I bought when I started scrap booking that I no longer use.  I think I will donate some of it to our church.  I am really glad I am doing this because I think it will free me up to do more.  Sometimes we get bogged down with all the stuff!  I am also going through a ton of cloths that I am going to get rid of.  Our church collects clothes and household items and give it to a organization that helps Single mothers in need.  So Another great opportunity to get rid of stuff and help others.   This purging is really exciting.  We are collectors so I am very glad to be getting rid of stuff.  So I hope to be back up and posting soon!


Monday, October 18, 2010


Hi everyone,
I'm sorry I have not posted anything in the last week.  I had a great weekend with the sister-in-laws in Arlington weekend before last.  We went to a card making class at Jennifer's house and I have 4 really cool cards to show you that we made there.  I will also post a link to her blog when I add the pictures.  Things have been so busy around here since I got back.  It is amazing how much I must really get done over the weekend.  I didn't have much time around the house this past weekend either.  I am also starting to box up my craft room and move it into our bedroom.  So the downsizing begins.  I would love someones input on how to go about doing this.  So if you have ever moved your craft room from a full room to small corner of a room please let me know the process you went through.  Having said that I am soooooooooooo excited to be doing this.  Crazy right?  Well we have started the process of fostering to adopt and we need to get the rooms set up for the Home study.  I can't tell you how super excited I am to be finally in this place.  My husband and I have waited almost 20 years for this.  So I can honestly say I am excited about giving up my craft room.  I will try to post later tonight or later this week the cards that we made last weekend and link to Jennifer's web page.  Also please add My husband and I to your prayer list as we begin this process and pray for all the abused and neglected children and their parents that are out there.  It would obviously be our hope that no children and parents would find themselves in the situation that leads to having children removed from a home but it happens and as always the best result would be for the family to be healed and reunited.  This just isn't always possible and I believe these children deserve a loving home to grow up in.

God bless,


Friday, October 8, 2010

Throw Back Thurs Challenge

Here is my project for throw back thrus with Emma.  We had to make a shaped card using the color orange and Create a Critter.  I was in a hurry this morning so this is how it turned out.  Off to the Vet.  I broke my husbands dog last week playing frisbee and now they think he has a torn ACL.  E-Rays this morning to see what they will have to do.  Maybe Surgery.  Then I am off to my weekend with my sisiter - in - laws to make a load full of cards!

Take care and God bless,,

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Another Christmas Card

Here is another card I made for me to take next weekend to take to my scrappin weekend.  I cut enough to make 12 of these.  I really need to get some more kits together.  This Gingerbread man is from Stretch your imagination.  I embossed the background with snowflakes cuddlebug embossing folder and the Happy Hollidays is from stmapin up Warmest Regards.  I also used a peachykeen stamp for the face.  Lots of fun!  I love comments so please let me know what you think about this card and also let me know how you organize things to take to a swarm.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Princess birthday card

 I made this card for a little girl at church.
She was turning 3 and like most little girls she was into princesses.  I used everyday paper dolls and cut out the doll and the princess doll clothes.  I used my peachy keen everyday faces for her face.  
 This was a slider card so I hope she didn't break it.  I don't know, maybe because I was in a hurry I had a hard time getting the sliding to work correctly.  She seemed to like it.
 This frog is from create a critter.  I think he turned out soooooo super cute!  I know he will show up on some other cards for sure.  I used some eyes from the stamp set from peachy keen that goes with this cart.  I had to stamp one eye at a time but I think they turned out great.  Hoppy Birthday is from one of My Pink Stamper stamp set.  I am going to love her stamps such great sayings.  I need to get more :)
This is the front of the card.  I got the castle from My paper dolls cart as well.  I don't know if I should admit this but it wasn't until our little friends dad said look the princess and the frog are going back into the castle.  That that even occurred to me.   LOL It worked out great!  Hope you enjoyed this Slider card.  It was fun to make.   Would love to hear from you all and know what you think about this card.  If you have time please leave a comment.  Have a great day!


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another My Pink Stamper Challenge!

Over at my pink stamper we were to make something for Fall or Halloween.  I cut this wagon from Dress up paper doll and the pumpkins and ghost are from Peachy keen.  The Loads of love sign I just stamped the words on an piece of Orange card stock and cut it out.  The stamp is from Loads of love stamp set from stampin up.  Don't you love this time of year?????  I used my stmapin up markers to color the ghost and pumpkins. If you like what you see I would love your comments.  Hope you all have a great evening and if you haven't checked out peachy keens web site they are having a blog hop with some great giveaways!  It looks like they are also having a great sale.  Also over at the pink stamper she is giving away her Spooky Puns stamp set.  And My Creative time is offering a discount on her video.  So lots going on this weekend. 


Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Pink Stamper Challenge. Make Something with a Bird!

 Joy did a slider card over at Every Day Cricut so I thought I would give it a try.   This bird house is from Stretch your imagination.

This bird is from Create a Critter.
 The face stamp is from Peachy Keen and I just cut a piece of paper to make the funky hat.
 I used the top part of the sheep on From My Kitchen to cut out the scalloped oval.   The stamp is from MY PINK STAMPER.  I am really liking the way these stamps work.  They are high quality.  I also like the way they are displayed.  It is very easy to quickly read them and see what one you want to grab.

I hope you enjoy.  This was pretty easy to make. It was a little time consuming.  I am going to try to make one with a princess and frog on it for a friends little girls birthday.

Friday, September 24, 2010

My Creative Challenge "Old School!"

Hi Everyone!  If you are  new to my blog Welcome.  I am really enjoying the comments that I am getting.  They are very encouraging.  I started this blog at a time in my life when things were not going very well and I needed a place in my life that was all positive.  This has been an incredibly positive place and I am loving it.  The Paper Crafting World is full of amazing, upbeat people!  WOW this weeks challenge was to go old school and get out those stamps.  NO CRICUT ALLOWED!  What, are you kidding????  Anyway it was fun getting the old scissors out and cutting everything.  Not to mention the stamps.  I haven't used this stampin up stamp set in awhile and it is one of my favorites.  The Halloween ribbon is some ribbon I won on a challenge at More than favors.  I think it is a fun ribbon and was a good fit for this card. Well, I am off to start another project so check back later and see what I have to post next. 

God Bless,


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Peachy Keen Stamp Challenge #37

For this challenge, please create a NEW CARD, LAYOUT or any other project using the SKETCH provided & KRAFT cardstock

Here is my entry for this weeks challenge.  I LOVE MY PEACHY KEEN STAMPS!  I also love comments.  Thank you for visiting my blog and if you have a few minutes take a look around.  I would love to know what you think :)


My Pink Stamper stamps

Yeah!  I got in my order of Pink Stamper Stamps.  I used the Hot Chocolate Soothes the Soul on this one.  I know this is a very simple card but I really don't have time to be playing in my craft room and so simple is what you get :)

Have a great day!


Friday, September 17, 2010

My Creative time Challenge and Video

This week for the Creative Time Challege we were to use any older cartridge to make what ever card we wanted.  I used Strech you Imagination.  I hope you Like.  Thank you for viewing my blog.  If you are new Welcome.  If you are returning Thank you.  I love comments so let me know what you think!

This is one of my favorites.  I just think with using the peachy keen face stamp she turned out sooooo cute!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another Halloween Card

Here is a card I made just messing around in the craft room.  I used Paper doll dress up to cut out the wagon and the ghost.  I used Fall Fun Pumpkins set from Peachy Keen for the pumpkins and the Cattails in the wagon.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Pink Stamper 9/11 Challenge

 Here is the card I made for the 9/11 Challenge at my Pink Stamper. I just want to point out a few things about the card.  I decided not to put the ribbon or the picture straight.  I wanted this to symbolize that things were out of the norm.  Second I did not add a sentiment because I believe that nothing could be said.  I wanted the cute Mice singing at the top of there lungs to remind us of the freedom we have. I hope you all enjoy my card.  Please take a minute to look around my blog and if you like what you see join and/or leave a comment.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Peachy Keen Stamps Challenge #36

Here is the challenge colors and shape for Challenge #36


This was a fun challenge because I just received my order from Peachy Keen and got to use one of my new stamps.   Here is my order.
This is going to be such a busy week that I won't have a lot of time to spend in my Craft room :(  but I will try to play as much as I can.  I also have to get my projects ready for my trip in October.
Here is my entry into Peachy Keen Challenge.  I hope you enjoy it.  I used my Cricut DS to alter the pigs house to make into a birds house.  I used my stampin up scallops punch for the top and I used my new stamp Winter is for the birds for the bird and for the saying.  I used my cuddle bug to emboss the snowflakes.  I hope you enjoy.  Please take a minute and look around my blog and let me know what you think.  I love your comment!


Peachy Keen Stamps!


 My order arrived today.  I am so excited, I just can't hide it.........  Any way I am now working on this weeks Peachy Keen blog challenge.  I hope to have it posted later tonight.  I am trying something on my Design Studio Software so wish me luck.  I hope it works!


Friday, September 10, 2010

More Than Favors Wacky Wednesday Challenge #7

The Challenge was to do something for Baby.  Here is a scrapbook page I made.  Using Create a Critter.  How awesome is this Cartridge for a baby theme!  I also used peachy keen stamps n the butterfly, and googly eyes on the other animals.  Swiss dots made a good embossing folder for the picture back ground.  I hope you enjoy!  If you are new to my blog please take a minute to look around and and I would love to have you follow me.  Like everyone else I love comments so let me know what you think!

God Bless,


Two Kits made for Big Cardmaking Weekend. Kit 1 & 2

 Ok so I have 2 kits ready to go!  Here if the first one.  Ok so I know I was going to do all Christmas but when I came across this I just had to make it for a fall card.   This is from Pooh and Friends.  It was a fun card to make.  I am now ready to make 5 more.  I used stickles on the branches.


My next card is this cute Christmas card off of Hello Kitty Greeting.  I cut it at 3 1/2 and then used brads to make the ornaments.  I used my white jell pen to do some outlining as well as some other markers.  I used stickles on the bow and star.  Happy Holidays is Stampin up Warmest Regards.  I know have 8 of these cards ready to make.  Well its a start.

A couple updates and then on to crafting!!!!!!!

I am so excited!  My peachy keen order is now in Texas!  Amarillo to be exact at least they were at 2 am.  I really hope they come tomorrow.  I have also FINALLY placed an order and ordered 3 of the Pink Stamper stamp sets.  Hopefully I will have them by next weekend!  I love getting stuff in the mail!  It's like Christmas over and over again.

What I am up to.... Well I am going to my sister-in-laws house the weekend of October 9th to do some card making and hopefully my other sister in law will be there.  We try to get-together sometime in Sept/Oct to work on Christmas stuff.  So this year I am going with a plan!  I know for those of you that know me this is coming as a shock.  But I need to make about 175 Christmas cards and I need a plan.  Usually I make all the same card but there is nooooooooooo way I'm doing that this year.  So my plan is to make card kits to take with me so that I can have lots of fun and just put cards together and finish the details.  There will be no thinking involved!  Just lots of fun.  That means between now and then I have to get busy designing cards and getting all the cuts done and put them in zip lock bags ready to go.  I may try to do a video to show you the process I go through.  I think I may also work on some of my Christmas presents as well.  I sometimes sets of cards to give to people as well as some other things.  We will see.  I also have some scrapbooking I need to get down but when????????? 

Remember there are a lot of giveaways going on and some challenges so get blogging!


Hopefully soon to return with some cards to post.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Peachy Keen Stamp Order

Good NEWS!!!! My peachy keen order has shipped!  I am so excited.  I am waiting for them to get here before I do my card for the next peachy keen challenge.  But I already have an idea what I am going to do.  Can't wait to see if it looks as good on paper as it does in my head!


Monday, September 6, 2010

Some More Fall Cards

This can be used for a Cute Halloween Card!
Use this for Everyday Fall

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Big Time Stamper Want To Be episode #4

I really love the way this card turned out and hope you enjoy this short video to go along with it.  Remember we all love comments so please leave me a comment so that I know you enjoyed my video.  I still have one more card I made that I want to do a video for and hope to finish it up before this 3 day weekend is over.  I will give you a hint.  It is a fall card and it was also using stretch my imagination.  Thank you to Paula for letting me kidnap this cartridge for so long :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Practical Scrappers - White pen/marker Challenge

Wow I finally, after a week got my video posted. If you have time I would love for you to watch it and leave a comment.   I hope the next one goes faster.  I think I have worked out most of the kinks!  I have filmed another video from a card I made earlier this week.  I think the card is pretty cool and I can't wait to show it to you all.  Hope to have it posted sometime in the near future.  Now on to the challenge over at Practical Scrappers.  I came across this site and decided to enter the challenge of using a white pen.  Hope you enjoy :)

Big Time Stamper Want To Be Episode 3

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My imaginary video

Ok I have tried to upload my now I am sure imaginary video 3 nights in a row and keep getting errors.  I will keep trying and let you know so you can pretend to watch this so called princess video.  The bummer of it is I have another video I want to do and some more really cool cards I want to show you.  But I want to get this video going first.  I hope to have it downloaded today and linked to my blog tonight!!!!!!!


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cinderella Card from My Creative Time Challenge Last Week

Hey everyone I have been busy re-editing my video with the Cinderella card I made for my creative time challenge. It is currently uploading onto You tube and hopefully will be able to have it up for your viewing sometime later tonight.  I am so excited.  I have already made 2 cards that I am planning on making 2 more video's out of.  One video is filmed and needs to be edited and the other video needs filmed yet.  With all the Fall and Christmas/Winter cards being made on every one's blogs I am so excited about fall being right around the corner.  Every season I always think I love this time of year.  I love the fall colors, Than I'm ready for Christmas and then I can't wait for spring and the pastels again.  Then summer and the bright colors.  It is never ending, isn't it!  I guess the bottom line is I just love making cards for all seasons!

Have a great evening and stay tune for my next video!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Peachy Keen Stamps Challenge

 Here is the challenge we were given:

The Sketch and Color Combo:

Here is the card I came up with!
I hope you enjoy this little fellow.  He was fun to make and easy.  I have to get me more of these peachy keen stamps.  I use the one set I have all the time :)


Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Pink Stamper Challenge It's Cold Outside

My pink stamper is having a "Its cold Outside" Challenge.  I realized something tonight.  I don't have a lot of winter/cold stuff.  I used this snowman from Doodlecharms.  Not my favorite card at all.  I also don't have a whole lot of sayings, so I would really be happy if I won the prize being give out for this challenge.  I would love any comments on what cartridge you all like the best with Winter things in it. I used little brads that look like buttons for the snowman's eyes and buttons down the front.  I put stickles on the trees to try to make it look like snow. Not really what I was looking for.  and I embossed the blue paper with the snowflakes embossing folder. I was looking for some saying along the lines of Let it Snow and couldn't find anything.  So I left the top left hand corner blank.


Fall / Thanksgiving Card

LOL Starting out I was going to make a fall card.  You know more towards Halloween, Pumpkins or what not and I ended up with this Turkey!  Does that make me a Turkey?  LOL  You can't see the words in this picture very well but it says happy harvest.  He is a cute Turkey but I kindof messed up with the jell pen.  So I am so so happy with this one.    I really want to make some true fall cards not thanksgiving cards soon!


My Creative time Challlenge "Princess"

I am having a great weekend in my craft room!  I made this card yest. with a video....However I am having some serious tech difficulty with the video.  Every time I render it it comes with a Blue line across the bottom half of the screen.   I seem to remember last time this happened we had to format my video first before putting it into movie maker but for the life within me I can't remember how:(  And my husband is out of pocket today....So I decided to go ahead and post the picture now and have a video for you later.  If any of you have any suggestions please let me know.  I would love to get it done today.  I hope to have some more projects posted later tonight and maybe tomorrow.  I would like to make some fall cards and I need to get some more everyday cards done.   Have a great weekend everyone!

Please have a look around my blog and leave comments.  I love your comments!  I love hearing from you!


Thanks A Bunch

This is a card I made for my boss and his wife.  They took our whole office to a fund raiser benefit with Charlie Pried has the entertainer.  There were 10 of us at our table and we had a great time.  It was fun to dress up and the food was great.  Wonderful evening out.  I made this card using cricut create.  I think I cut it at 4 1/4 but I am not sure.  I had the stamp that says thanks a bunch and added the bananas. It didn't come out so good in the picture.  I used my cuddle bug to emboss the back ground.  I am really loving in the cuddle bug.  I waited a year to get it 1/2 off and am glad I finally got it.

This was a fun card to make for such a fun evening!


Friday, August 27, 2010

READY, SET, CRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Friday!  Ok I know I should be cleaning but I have so much crafting I want to get done.  I have 3 challenges I would like to enter.  I need to make a thank you card for the dinner/show (Charlie Pride).  And I would like to make some seasonal cards.  I also have some photo albums I need to get cracking on. Now reason says I won't get half of that done but we will see.  Check back often as I post each project I complete.  If  I get my craft room cleaned up I might even do a video.  Its been so long I don't know if I remember how:)  See you in awhile!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wed update

The week goes by so fast.  This is going to be a busy last half of the week for me.  Tomorrow night I have a work thing.  Friday night the football game and 5th quarter.  I hope to have some time this weekend to work on some craft projects.  I have so many things that need done that I don't know where to begin.  I would like to make Christmas cards this year so I really need to get started on that.  I also have some photo album work that I need to get done for some people.  Not to mention my own.  I would also like to get some dinner invitations sent out.  I have always wanted to do a mystery dinner but never got around to it.  Several years ago my sister gave me a kit but I never really looked at it.  I would like to see if I can't figure that out as well.  I seriously would someday like to make another video.  I know I say that all the time but have not gotten it done.  Hope everyone has a great last 1/2 of a week.

God Bless


I have attached a quick card I made the other day.  I used some stamps from  stampin up and it is pretty simple.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Throwback Thurs challenge at My Creative Time

Whew, I just barely made it. The challenge was to FRAME it using paperdoll dress up. I also used pooh and friends to make the frame and I used paperdoll dress up to make the cornucopia and fruit. It was on the page with the pilgrim girl. Happy Thanksgiving came from Wild Card. Hope you enjoy. Please leave comments if you like what you see. If you have never been to my blog before please fill free to look around. I am always looking for new followers:) Emma good one this time. Frame it was a little trying for me!

God Bless,


Friday, August 20, 2010

A "Man" Card!

It is my goal to finish a couple challenges this weekend and to try to do another video at some point. I love doing video's but they are very time consuming and time is just something I don't seem to have enough of. hmmmmm I doubt I'm the only one:) Anyway thought I would try to post a card everyday this weekend. So here is my first. This stamp was given to my by my sister-in-law. THANKYOU ALLISON I LOVE IT! I'm not sure where she got it from but my husband uses duck tape for everything. He is constantly made fun of because he even carries some in his wallet. It is kind of funny that the same people who make fun of him are the ones that will come and say, Do you have some duck tape in your wallet still, I need it for ....." anyway I hope you enjoy this one. As always I love comments so if you stop by please leave me a comment. Even if you don't like my blog I am always open to good comments and constructive criticism.

Thank you and have a blessed day!