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I live in Abilene, TX with my twin boys and husband. I love to make cards and scrapbook and want to learn to sew. I love God and want to serve him every second of my life. I love the fact that I can use cards as a ministry to encourage and brighten others days.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wood VS Cricut!

Well I told you in an earlier post that I had found a way to mix my love for the cricut with my husbands love for wood working.  Here is what we came up with.  I cut these letters out first using Winnie the Pooh font.  I cut it out in vinyl and then I put it on the wood and cut out the letters using a scroll saw.  My husband did the rest.  He hand cut the dove tails and cut the wheals out.  He also started with a big block of wood that he cut to make the blocks and used a router that cut out the groves in both sides to add the letters too.  I am very proud of this project that my husband and I did together.  It is the first woodworking project that Paul has done since before he was sick 3 years ago.  I am very glad that I was able to be a part of this.  We presented this wagon to my nephew last week.  He will be 2 in Jan.  He loved it and played with it alot.  We are currently working on another one for another nephew who turned 2 at the beginning of the month.  We are going to give this to him at Christmas. If you want more information on how we made this wagon please leave me a comment on this blog with a way to get a hold of you and I will get you more information.



  1. What a cute project, my little boy had one of these when he was younger, but this one is more special because it is handmade. So cool that you combined your hobby, and your ubby's hobby. I can't wait to see more of what you both come up with.

  2. Hi Teresa, I wanted to thank you for your kind comment that you made on my blog. I am a newbie, and I check my blog often, and I love comments, and followers. I love to go to the persons blog that becomes a follower, or makes a comment, or if it is a good day, both!! lol I just wanted to tell you that the block wagon is beautiful. I can't wait to go through your blog, and see all thatg you do. Good luck with the adoption, I will keep you in my prayers. Feel free to come back and check me out again, thanks again, Karen

  3. Brilliant!! Simply brilliant!! You should make these and market them! They would do great commercially! Hugs Viv xx

  4. I love this! What a great job. I am a scroll saw junkie from way back. After years of collecting dust, I have just gotten back into working with my RBI Hawk Ultra. I have also recently become aquainted with the Cricut world and am very excited to combine these 2 arts. I am now a follwer of yours.

    As for the adoption, I wish you well! It took me 15 years of effort before I was finally blessed with my little miracle (he is now 3.5 and I am 41). It changes your life so completely in so many marvelous (and exhausting) ways. God bless you all!