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I live in Abilene, TX with my twin boys and husband. I love to make cards and scrapbook and want to learn to sew. I love God and want to serve him every second of my life. I love the fact that I can use cards as a ministry to encourage and brighten others days.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Some More Fall Cards

This can be used for a Cute Halloween Card!
Use this for Everyday Fall

Wow there is so much going on in the Srapping world today!  Robyn over at My Pink Stamper is showing off the new Cricut Create.  Emma at My Creative time is having a big week with giveaways everyday.  So much fun going on.  I went into my craft room to reorganize my big pile of scraps that keep stacking up to the point they are falling over and low and behold I got side tracked and made some cards.  I am anxiously awaiting my order from peachy keen stamps and decided I would see how different faces and words change the look of a card.  So that is what inspired these two pictures.  I also added a picture of the cat in my craft room.  Now I really didn't ever plan on having a cat again until this tiny thing showed up at our house so small and starved that I just couldn't but take her in and well once she got big enough to care for her shelf she was suppose to move outside.  Well then we took her to the vet and after putting all that money in her well lets just say our outside cat is now an inside cat.  She has taken over everything even the dog.  LOL  Hope you enjoy.  Remember to leave comments.  I love comments as much as everyone else.

Even though my craft room gets messy the Cat always finds a place to sleep:)

Also I have posted a couple of video's the last couple days and would love to know what you think of those as well.

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